Valpaint E-Volution

Valpaint E-volution is a decorative coating specifically formulated for  bathroom walls and floors, as well as shower interiors. This coating creates a contemporary effect while being resistant to water and cleaners. Valpaint E-volution includes a transparent bi-component resin that is applied with a spatula, both horizontally and vertically without any dripping. The resulting surface is compact and continuous, without troublesome and unhygienic grout lines. Valpaint E-volution is resistant to bathroom cleaners, boiling water, shower gel, sulphuric acid, ethyl alcohol, ammonia, Coca Cola, toothpaste, lemon juice and others.


Valpaint E-volution can be used:

– on tiles or similar floor/wall covering without requiring any demolition work;

– to cover and protect cement or ceramic surfaces in bathrooms, as well as in kitchens, living rooms, spa and wellness centers;

– to decorate shower interior or bathroom walls that come into contact with water;

– to cover any existing floor without requiring any demolition work;

– as a kitchen back splash.